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FMG runs again in North Lincolnshire


RED Driving School valentines safety?

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ingenie are aiming to make roads safer by offering car insurance for young drivers (17-25) that rewards better driving. Go to: www.ingenie.com

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We welcome your views about our campaign and will always reply to your email - as long as it is not offensive or abusive.

We also understand that some of you may question why we use a Valentine card as part of the campaign - and that some of you may consider this to be offensive.

Our justification is simple - there are far too many young lives lost and permanently blighted by road traffic crashes. And our campaign - and the use of the Valentine card - has consistenly proved an effective way to remind young people of the potentially terrible consequences when things go wrong on the road.

Because its important for us to be seen to be acting responsibly, we always consult the copy advice team at the Committee Of Advertising Practitioners - that's the body that considers complaints from the public about advertising campaigns and claims.

The team concluded that: "Although they (the Valentine card) might be seen as distasteful by some, we feel they are unlikely to cause serious or widespread offence or undue fear or distress. We think some complaints may be received by the ASA, but we will advise the ASA of our belief that they are fine."

If you would still like to register your view we'd be pleased to hear from you by email - click here to do so.