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FMG runs again in North Lincolnshire


RED Driving School valentines safety?

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ingenie are aiming to make roads safer by offering car insurance for young drivers (17-25) that rewards better driving. Go to: www.ingenie.com

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For such an important campaign I felt the video should offer much more of a shock tactic. It barely got the point across. Stay safe everyone. Don't drink and drive, you'll probably crash and maybe die.

This was good but if you want to know HOW not to drinkdrive go to www.drinkdrive.org.uk and order one of their FREE DVDs

I think this is a good idea but it lacks impact. Of you want to deter you target audience of what appears to me young males, you need something more visual. This doesn't make me think of anything? Did they crash? If so, for her to be in such a state, he'd need to be in a state too. There's no indication that anything has happened to either of them. The end would have been better if the girl was being operated on, lad outside the theatre, cuts, neck collar, feeling sorry for himself. So much more could be done. I've posted distressing hard hitting vids on fb that would definitely make a difference if shown more widely. Impact and shock is needed, not guessing games.

The girl is annoying and the hospital looks really fake but I think it was a good idea for a video. but it would be better if they shows some blood

I think this site is very good i think young people need to think a lot more when they are driving

This campaign video could have been more emotive. It captured my attention but others with a harder face may not be as captured by the clip.
Adelle and LUCY

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