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FMG runs again in North Lincolnshire


RED Driving School valentines safety?

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ingenie are aiming to make roads safer by offering car insurance for young drivers (17-25) that rewards better driving. Go to: www.ingenie.com

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This was good but if you want to know HOW not to drinkdrive go to www.drinkdrive.org.uk and order one of their FREE DVDs

I think this is a good idea but it lacks impact. Of you want to deter you target audience of what appears to me young males, you need something more visual. This doesn't make me think of anything? Did they crash? If so, for her to be in such a state, he'd need to be in a state too. There's no indication that anything has happened to either of them. The end would have been better if the girl was being operated on, lad outside the theatre, cuts, neck collar, feeling sorry for himself. So much more could be done. I've posted distressing hard hitting vids on fb that would definitely make a difference if shown more widely. Impact and shock is needed, not guessing games.

The girl is annoying and the hospital looks really fake but I think it was a good idea for a video. but it would be better if they shows some blood

I think this site is very good i think young people need to think a lot more when they are driving

This campaign video could have been more emotive. It captured my attention but others with a harder face may not be as captured by the clip.
Adelle and LUCY

Joshy your a little biast towards this campaign as you are this age and you will find that ever campaign is aimed at the right age and issue as the government statistics and campaigns are for raising awarness, i think you need to understand that my friend

I think it's a really good campaign, aimed at the right age group. I do public services in college and I've seen worse campaigns

i think its good to have stuff like this but its not as hard hitting as other stuff you see on the tv

Its gud cuz it brings across the message that it is okay to be safe while having a laugh,  stop worrying about what your friends think because if you had a crash and killed sum1 they wont be there for you they wud be more interested in saving their own back and wont care about you as long as they get outta trouble..trust me, i've been in a situation like this! Love you all xxx

Cool site.

Im doing a school assignment on adolescent road safety. thanks for the vid. shocking!

I think its really important that boys should understand that you don't look cool when you mess around with a car it actually makes us think twice before starting a realationship with that person.

What a crap video she could of died of a knife wound or other medical condition, I am a new 18 year old male driver and i do drive responsibly, i dont need guess what happened videos to make me drive sensibly.


I think this clip is so good coz it makes you think do u really want to kill your girlfriend or boyfriend or anyone

i think this video is shocking, i don't think this is going to get people to drive more safe.

I find it quite offensive personaly as a male driver....in the end captions it says more women are killed as passengers not as drivers, somehow blaming male drivers wether young or old

This is hard-hitting but we don't get to see the crash, only the engine starting and the girl in hospital...

I think its a silly video, if you dont see te crash then how does it "scare" you enough into driving responsibly...

I think the video was intense at the begining and i can see the point of not knowing what happened in the accident, because it makes you think afterwards what actually happened, but i feel it could've bin better with a scene of a crash, because that could've made it much more powerful and shocking.

This video is really sad and emotive. Is this true or not because I was just wondering? Its a really good campaign!
Alina xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

This video means nothing whaat so ever as you dont get to see the crash
george horobin

Wow pretty deep but effective

This really hits home about driving and being safe

Its very nice movie i like it and i think it is mostely about love thats great

This video dosnt really have an impact where as the demostration at peterborough regional college did becuse we saw the actual effects from where you cut them out and having to take a body away, that had more of an impaact if you showed more of that in a video like a car crash form drivers view and seeing fire crew there through there eyes i think it would impact people more in videos

We didnt even see them crash

I was surpirsed to hear from this film that more young girls have died as paasengers than as drivers. this film has made me more aware of the dangers that drivers face on the roads. although i am not a driver myself i have seen many accidents occur that need not have. this film has shown me that even the driver can suffer a loss. i am glad i watched it as it ahs made me more aware of the dangers of being a young inexperienced driver with a passenger in the car.

Love is in the air
anna burt

it it a really effective video, and gets the message across very simply. i watched the recreation of a car accident last year at college and its very frightning

I think it is very well put together, the only thing is i can relate to it, if i were to do something as stupid as that i would never be able to live with myself, i love my other half with all my heart and i would never wish this apon anyone............

Not very good video should have been a girl in the driving seat, drive like a looney

It's really effective and kind of scary - for both sides!

These videos certainly get the message across, Most male drivers appear often as inconsiderate and potentially dangerous to other road users.

What is the thinking behind the message "Take care when you are out as a couple,"?  It sends out the idea that it is OK to drive like a lunatic when you are on your own, or with your mates.

The radio and video clip are both very effective. its just scary how easily things like this can happen

This is soo horrible to watch, but the horrible thing about it is that its true. I hope it makes young drivers or even older drivers think before they act and drive safely.