FMG crash reconstruction in Grimsby

Humber crash recon

Safer Roads Humber, the road safety partnership for the Humber region, is working with Franklin College, Grimsby to hold a For My Girlfriend (FMG) crash reconstruction on 9th October to demonstrate to students the importance of driving safely and asks young drivers to ‘take responsibility when driving’.

The campaign brings home graphically the potentially terrible consequences for drivers and passengers when things go wrong. Drama students from Franklin College will be involved in the mock crash and will be rescued from a crash car by the emergency services, whilst their fellow students look on.

The crash will not only show students how the emergency services have to rescue young people from crashes but also explores the issues around why the crash occurred in the first place.

During the event, the young male car driver will be breathalysed and questioned by the police. Whilst the injuries sustained by the passengers will clearly show the potentially fatal consequences of not wearing a seat belt, the event will also explore the influence, both good and bad, that friends have on a young driver whilst in their car.

The event involves Humberside Fire and Rescue Service, Humberside Police, North East Lincolnshire Council and day’s events will be managed by the Public Service students at Franklin College. It is hoped that the Police helicopter will also be available to play a part on the day.

“For My Girlfriend” is aimed at raising awareness of the fact, that, on average, 23% of all injury crashes in North East Lincolnshire involve a car driver aged between 17 and 24 years old, though this includes crashes where they are not at fault. This represents 112 crashes a year and the partnership feels that it is important to raise awareness of the dangers young people face.

The majority of crashes involve male drivers, however, their passengers, often females of a similar age, represent 30% of all casualties.

Safer Roads Humber will use posters showing a team of fire fighters and paramedics attempting to free a girl from a crashed car with the headline: “If you don’t want to see this many blokes around your girl… take responsibility when driving.”

Ruth Gore, spokesperson for Safer Roads Humber, said: “It’s a fact that more young females aged 17 to 19 years are killed or seriously injured while travelling as passengers in cars than as drivers.

“Through this hard-hitting campaign we are reminding young people of the terrible dangers and consequences when things go wrong on the road. The event gives us the opportunity to ask young male drivers to take special care of their female passengers and to point out the particular dangers that young females face as passengers.”

The college has put together a programme of road safety events to reinforce the safe driving messages delivered at the event. Media students are involved in filming the event and reporting back to the student body. Law students will be taking mock statements on the day and will use the event to explore the legal side of what happens to drivers following a crash, whilst physics students will receive a special lesson from the Humberside Police collision investigation team which allows them to put physics theory into practice. The college are planning to deliver a range of road safety activities through-out the year.

Ruth said “This event is just the start of closing working with the college as they are also hosting a road safety play in November to highlight the dangers of drinking and driving and always wearing your seat belt. Ultimately anything that raises awareness with the students about this important issue is a good thing.”


February 2012 - North Lincolnshire crash reconstruction